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The delightful Havanese is a small breed that is happy and affectionate. They are true companions who love to be part of the family, extremely social and will lavish attention on those who lavish attention on them. Havanese are intelligent, curious, and playful. This breed thrives on companionship and adores children.

Since this breed is odorless, low shedding, and hypo-allergic they are popular choices for allergy sufferers. The Havanese will alert their family to visitors or danger, then look to their family for reassurance before welcoming strangers. Once they befriend someone they are friends for life. The Havanese is a highly devoted breed. They are at their best in the family environment and love playing with toys all day. They get along very well with children and other pets. The Havanese are neither aggressive or possessive by nature. They truly have an endearing personality that makes  them a wonderful family pet.

Havanese Country of Origin:  Cuba or the Mediterranean.


Havanese Height:  8.5 to 11.5 inches at the shoulders.


Havanese Weight:  8 to 28 lbs range 

but ideal is 10 to 15 lbs max.


Havanese Coat:  Is non-shedding, nonallergenic or hypoallergenic 

and can come in a variety of colors and combinations.


Havanese Character:  Very intelligent, lively, and playful.

Affectionate and outgoing. Inquisitive toy lovers.


Havanese Temperament:  Good with children and other pets. 

They do well in almost every social situation.


Havanese Care:  The coat if kept long requires brushing. 

Can be clipped in cute styles. But not clipped for showing.


Havanese Training:  This breed is eager to please and positive

reinforcement works best.


Havanese Activity:  This breed's need for exercise are average.

Great indoors and short walks once or twice a day should keep them happy. 

HAVANESE 101 VIDEO -- Click here to watch great info about the breed